Conscious Step
Hassan Ahmad

Conscious Step takes the best quality socks you’ve ever worn, responsibly manufactured with utmost respect to people and the planet, and matches them to support important causes you care about. More info

Foodbank Local
Brad Lorge

A smartphone/tablet app that’s like online shopping for food donations, Foodbank Local helps supermarkets, bakeries and other food donors to connect with local charities fast. More info

Austern International
Lily Wu

Austern International provides internships in China, combining language and cultural courses at Liaoning University with placements at top multinational firms like KPMG and local Chinese businesses. More info

UNSW’s start-up story
Our innovation and entrepreneurial culture is built on strong industry links.
  • Largest number of millionaire alumni of any university in Australia [Spear's WealthInsight, 2014]
  • UNSW has produced more technology entrepreneurs in the past 15 years than any other Australian university [analysis of research by CrunchBase, 2013]
  • More of Australia's top ASX200 company CEOs studied at UNSW than at any other university [Leading Company, 2012]
  • Our undergraduates and postgraduates earn the highest median starting salary and have the highest employment rate of any university in NSW [Australian Graduate Survey, 2013]
Mahesh Muralidhar

Ureferjobs is an online job referral marketplace where you can refer your peers for jobs, earning yourself significant cash rewards as part of the process. More info

Chen Wang

Collaboreat is a website that connects you and your hungry friends. Why eat greasy take-away on your own, when you can share a healthy home cooked meal with your mates? More info

Brigitte Poletto

Flaneur is an online platform that links up artists with local businesses and art lovers to create art events that are mutually beneficial. More info

See where a degree can take you in entrepreneurship
Student clubs, courses and competitions
UNSW has a host of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

NewSouth Innovations, UNSW’s commercialisation company, runs the Student Entrepreneur Develop program. More than 10 of its student start-ups have already been registered as companies. NSi also hosts the UNSW Start-Up Games each year in March while the Australian School of Business runs the Peter Farrell Cup.

You can book a spot in the School of Computer Science and Engineering’s Venture Space to get your idea off the ground, or join one of the many student clubs, such as EntSoc, Create or the AGSM ICE Club. And, of course, there are formal UNSW courses in innovation, business development, and entrepreneurship. Check out the UNSW Handbook.

Peter Anderson

Framefish is virtual try-on software that allows you to upload a photo of your face so you can see exactly what you’ll look like in your new specs. More info

David Morrison

PocketFire is a a real-time mapping and data collection solution for mobile devices that allows firefighters to use their own smartphones or tablets to generate and share real time maps and other crucial information of incidents. More info

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